RadioShack® Graphite-Filled Conductive Wire Glue

Model #: NK5018 | Catalog #: 6400146
Model #: NK5018
Catalog #: 6400146


  • Perfect for high-temperature operating conditions metals
  • And, for heat conductive coating
  • This Graphite-Filled Conductive Wire Glue is perfect for high-temperature operating conditions metals, conductive heat-resistant adhesive like ceramic and glass materials and also for heat conductive coating. It's a single component, inorganic aluminosilicate material, in black. The conductive material is graphite and the conductive performance quality is choiceness. The temperature resistance is 500°C, under the protection of inert gas, it can be used at 1000°C.

    • Physical state: cream, color: black, density (g/cm³): 1.65, tensile strength (Mpa): 9.32
    • Shear strength (Mpa): 8.26, working temperature (ºC): -40~1000

    Battery Features
    Capacity UOM mAh
    Product Type Adhesives
    Model NK5018
    Supported Languages English
    Operating Temperature UOM ┬░ F
    Manufacturer Labor Warranty 90.0
    Manufacturer Parts Warranty 90.0
    Warranty Labor UOM days
    Warranty Parts UOM days