RadioShack CK-1000 Basic Electronic Parts Kit

Model #: 2770136 | Catalog #: 2770136
Model #: 2770136
Catalog #: 2770136


  • Variety of electronic parts
  • Satisfy almost any training project
  • RadioShack's CK-1000 Basic Electronic Parts Kit includes a wide variety of basic electronic parts to satisfy almost any training project. Parts are packaged in a handy plastic parts container with 18 compartments. It contains resistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors, LEDs, ICs, transistors, switches, wire and more.

    • Great way to start your electronic parts collection

    Battery Features
    Capacity UOM mAh
    Supported Languages English
    Operating Temperature UOM ° F
    Model 2770136
    Enclosure Color Red
    Product Type Starter kits
    Manufacturer Labor Warranty 2.0
    Manufacturer Parts Warranty 2.0
    Warranty Labor UOM years
    Warranty Parts UOM years