RadioShack 1.75mm PLA Filament 1kg (Pink)

Model #: 2770216 | Catalog #: 2770216
Model #: 2770216
Catalog #: 2770216


  • Made from a biodegradable polymer
  • Extrudes at lower temperatures than ABS
  • Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable polymer that can be produced from lactic acid, which can be fermented from crops such as maize. 1.75mm PLA Plastic Filament is now widely used for 3D printers and offers finer feature detail than ABS.

    Downloadable Content:
    Printable Spool Holder for use with Afinia Printers (STL file)

    • Extrudes at lower temperatures than ABS
    • Offers finer feature detail than ABS
    • Less tendency to warp when compared to ABS
    • Great for home, hobbyist and school printing jobs
    • Print temperature: 180-225°C
    • Raf

    Battery Features
    Capacity UOM mAh
    Supported Languages English
    Operating Temperature UOM ° F
    Model 2770216
    Product Type PLA filament
    Enclosure Color Pink
    Manufacturer Labor Warranty 90.0
    Manufacturer Parts Warranty 90.0
    Warranty Labor UOM days
    Warranty Parts UOM days