Parallax Propeller Professional Development Board

Model #: 32111 | Catalog #: 2760199
Model #: 32111
Catalog #: 2760199


Built-in USB programming interface, over 16 different device connections.

Connect quickly to your computer for fast programming and interaction to terminal windows. Including servo control, audio amplification, video connection, keyboard and mouse, motor control, seven segment LED display, real-time clock, onboard POT's, DP switching, etc. DIP socketed EEPROM can be changed out with other EEPROMS for more memory or new programs. In the event that you accidentally blow any pins on the propeller, it's an inexpensive replacement and fix to add a new Propeller IC. Connect 7-12VDC on VIN and on-board regulation takes care of your power needs.

  • Built-in USB programming interface
  • Over 16 different device connections
  • 24LC256 32K EEPROM included
  • 40-PIN DIP for Propeller IC
  • 5V and 3.3V regulators on board

Battery Features
Capacity UOM mAh
Model 32111
Product Type Boards
Supported Languages English
Operating Temperature UOM ° F
Manufacturer Labor Warranty 90.0
Manufacturer Parts Warranty 90.0
Warranty Labor UOM days
Warranty Parts UOM days