Make: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack w/ Arduino® Kit

Model #: Micro Pack w/ Arduino | Catalog #: 2770077
Model #: Micro Pack w/ Arduino
Catalog #: 2770077


  • Kit includes an Arduino Uno
  • Over 100 electronic components
  • Here's everything you need to dive into the world of microcontrollers. The 100+ components and Arduino microcontroller allow you to complete nearly any hands-on tutorial without having to source individual parts. Everyone from beginners to advanced users will appreciate all that the Ultimate Microcontroller Pack has to offer. This really is the ultimate microcontroller project pack for DIY enthusiasts.

    Parts list:
    (1) Arduino UNO
    (1) MakerShield (Prototyping shield)
    (1) Mini Breadboard
    (2) Micro Servos
    (1) LCD Screen 16x2
    (2) Force-Sensitive Resistor
    (1) 9V Battery Case w/Plug
    (1) Component Storage Box
    (1) Deluxe Jumper Wire Pack
    (1) Full-Size Clear Breadboard
    (2) Protoboard 7x9
    Heat Shrink Tubing
    (10) 330 Ohm Resistors
    (10) 10K Ohm Resistors
    (10) 1K Ohm Resistors
    (10) 10nF Ceramic Capacitors
    (10) 100nF Ceramic Capacitors
    (5) 100uF Electrolytic Capacitors
    (3) 5mm RGB LED
    (5) Basic Green LEDs
    (5) Basic Red LEDs
    (2) Tilt Sensor
    (5) Mini Pushbuttons
    (3) DPDT Switches
    (2) Photo Resistors
    (2) Thermistors
    (1) Rotary Potentiometer
    (1) Transistor NPN
    (1) Diode
    (1) 8Ohm Speaker with Leads
    (1) Piezo Buzzer
    (3) 8-Pin Stackable Female Headers
    (5) 8-Pin Female Headers
    (2) 40-Pin Male Breakaway Headers
    (1) 6-Pin Stackable Female Header
    (1) 40-Pin Male Breakaway Dual-Headers
    (1) Mini DC Motor

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    • Developed by Make: magazine and is featured online in videos, on and
    • Kit includes an Arduino UNO plus over 100 electronic components for novice through expert projects
    • Users have access to an extensive

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