Enercell® 2.4V/400mAh Ni-MH Cordless Phone Battery BT166342

Model #: 2301193 | Catalog #: 2301193
Model #: 2301193
Catalog #: 2301193


Use this battery in your AT&T™ or VTech® phone that uses a VTech 89-1347-02 or BT166342 battery.

Use this battery in your AT&T™ or VTech® cordless phone. It fits a variety of models and can replace VTech 89-1347-02 and BT266342 batteries.

  • Can replace Vtech 89-1347-02 and BT266342 batteries
  • Delivers 2.4 volts with a capacity of 400mAh

Supported Languages English
Operating Temperature UOM ° F
Product Type 2.4V Ni-MH
Model 2301193
Recommended Use American Telecom E30021CL, E30022CL, E30025CL, AT&T/Lucent TL32100, TL32200, TL32300, CL80100, CL81100, CL81200, CL81300, CL82100, CL82200, CL82300, CL82350, CL82400, CL82500, CL82600, CL84100, CL84200, EL52100, EL52200, EL52300, EL52400, TL92270, TL9237
Manufacturer Labor Warranty 90.0
Manufacturer Parts Warranty 90.0
Warranty Labor UOM days
Warranty Parts UOM days
Product Weight 0.03
Product Height 0.37
Product Width 0.88
Product Depth 1.74
Product Dimensions UOM inches
Product Weight UOM pounds
Battery Features
Voltage 2.4
Capacity 400.0
Equivalent to American Telcom LH070-3A43C2BRML1P, AT&T/Lucent BT166342, BT-166342, BT266342, BT-266342, 02165, Dantona BATT-EC30025CL, BATT-E30025CL-2, Empire CPH515J, CPH-515J, Lexel LH070-3A43C2BRML1P, LH070-3A43C2BRML.1P, Sanik 2SN-AAA60H-S-X2F, 2SNAAA70H-S-X2F, 2SN
Chemistry Ni-MH
Size Pack
Battery Type Product
Rechargeable TRUE
Voltage UOM Volts
Capacity UOM mAh