2.2uF 50V 20% Nonpolarized Electrolytic Capacitor 9,000Hz

Model #: 272-997 | Catalog #: 2720997
Model #: 272-997
Catalog #: 2720997


This 2.2 microfarad 50V 20% 9,000Hz non-polarized electrolytic capacitor can help you with your speakers, or many other projects.

Great for crossovers and audio filters, this 2.2 microfarad 50V 9,000Hz non-polarized electrolytic capacitor replaces those capacitors found in radios, speakers record players and other devices.

  • 50WVDC Operating temperature: –40 to +85°C

Battery Features
Capacity UOM mAh
Manufacturer Parts Warranty 90.0
Warranty Parts UOM days
Warranty Labor UOM month
Min Operating Temperature -40.0
Max Operating Temperature 85.0
Supported Languages English
Operating Temperature UOM ° C
Model 272-997
Product Type Electrolytic capacitors
Body Material Multi
Enclosure Color Multi